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the essentialism
daily life products

We take it very seriously the responsibility and importance of daily life products that we use at least once a day.
We are striving to develop necessities for daily life with only essential ingredients for efficacy.
We pursue a healthier daily life and sustainability.

ingredients in use

Faithful to the essence of efficacy
Delivering the benefits as it is
Minimization materials not related to efficacy


Ease of use
Convenience to carry
Individual user optimization


No harsh chemicals

The easiest way to enjoy natural essential oil aroma

effervescent aroma technology

The innovative effervescent aroma technology makes it easy to use the benefits of 100% natural essential oils without any additives.

The only way to realize dry diffusion

high contents natural essential oil loading technology

The whole new technology for containing high content of oils can realize true dry diffusion using 100% natural essential oils without any additives.
True Water-less and Plastic-less

Solid Product Technology

We are conducting research and development to provide solid daily life products including cosmetics that are sustainable and easy to use while remaining faithful to the essence of products with a whole new approach.

New Arrival

natural essential oil onyourlife solid car airfreshener

natural essential oil car solid diffuser

Experience the 100% natural essential oil without any additives !
The solid diffuser delivers the benefits of nature itself.

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the essentialism of daily life products

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