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[Natural Toilet Perfume] tofume 15tabs+30tabs

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Tofume is the world’s first effervescent solid toilet perfume.
Powerful bubbling forms an oil barrier that blocks bad odors and fills the space with natural scents. And 99.9% sterilization makes your bathroom safer.
  • 100% natural essential oil for scent
  • ZERO additives such as surfactants, alcohol et al.
  • 99.9% sterilization
  • lavender, lemoneucalyptus, pine, rosemary
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tofume-natural-solid-personal-toile perfume

Solid Toilet Perfume

World-first Natural Toilet Perfume
Bathroom Air Freshener

tofume portable bathroom air refreshener natural esential oil
embarassing leaving out toilet



20~30 age women
experience embarrassment when coming out of the bathroom!



Suffer from constipation during travel!



No.1 stress of new married couple
is sharing the restroom!


I am embarrassed when go to the bathroom at workplace or school!
I don't like the smell of toilet even in my family!

tofume natural essential oil heart

Portable Toilet Perfume

Tofume eliminates all the stinks in your restroom.

just drop a tofume before you do
just drop a tofume before you do
just drop a tofume before you do
just drop a tofume before you do

Remove all stinks


Natural Scent

Easy to Use and Carry

Ultra Easy-to-Use

tofume natural essential oil heart

Just drop one or two tofumes
before you do in the restroom.
Don't wait for bubbling~

tofume natural effervescent toilet perfume bathroom air freshener

Synthetic Ingredients
Spray Type


Spray-type products may contain additives such as surfactants, preservatives, and alcohol which are exposed to air and may inhale through the respiratory system.

Solid with Natural Ingredients

“tofume is safe”

Tofume is the world’s first solid toilet perfume
that contains natural essential oils without artificial synthetic ingredients.

tofume 100% natural essential oil solid toilet perfume without any additives

Only 100% Essential Oil Without Any Other Ingredients for Scent

Rest of Mind in the Bathroom! Lavender

Lavender oil is the most beloved with delicate and elegant floral scent. Enjoy a calm and serene heart rest.

tofume-pine essential oil

Refreshing in the forest! Pine

Pine oil, which is excellent for relaxation, improves energy flow as if walking in pine forest.

Hakuna matata! LemonEucalyptus

A refreshing lemon scent adds a sense of herb to the magical spell that helps to relieve sagging emotions.

tofume-rosemary essential oil

Energy of Sacred Grass! Rosemary

Clear, clean rosemary oils help reduce stress and boost vitality, clearing and encouraging.

* description of essential oil ingredients

tofume natural toilet perfume feel like in nature
tofume luxurious toilet

Clean the toilet,

how do you?

tofume 99.9% sterilization

Tofume is effervescent in the water, natural bactericidal ingredients work very effectively.

Conditions : 1.37+/-oC(24hr), 2.3tabs(in 300ml water)

tofume-nobody knows
tofume-so convenient to carry in the bag pouch

Product Details

tofume15 natural effervescent toilet perfume natural bathroom air freshener
tofume30 natural effervescent toilet perfume natural bathroom air freshener
120 herats tofume for family
complimentary zipper bag

Must-Have Item!

tofume natural essential oil heart

From tofumer

100% Real Review


Youn ****

I had a lot of trouble at workplace, but I can go straight to the toilet with tofume. I don't have to smell mine, and the mild scent is left in the restroom~ The products that I used before has too strong scent so it smelled with me for a while. Tofume let the mind natural scent left in the restroom. I'm using it everyday.



Mild and premium scent. It eliminate all stinks in the bathroom. I replaced toilet diffuser with tofume. The bathoom is always pleasant. Especially lavender is the best for me.



Bubbles will explode and an oil barrier appears. If you put a tofume and leave the toilet lid open and the bathroom door closed, it will be filled with scent and make the toilet into the forest. The bad smell eliminated and the natural scent slowly disappears. Natural incense doesn't hurt my head. I tried it on the sink drain, the effect is good !



It was included in a gift bag that my friend gave me on a honeymoon, but it was really perfect! I was really stressed every time I traveled before marriage, but the tofume that keeps the etiquette. I want to rate a million stars ! It looks like candy! Don't eat ~



I am a teacher. At school, children endure going to the restroom worried about it smelled with them after poo sometimes. They may have constipation or abdominal pain. If place it in the bathroom, good habits from an early age can be developed.

tofume natural toilet perfume bathroom air freshener remove stinky
comfortable restroom with tofume

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Since our body instinctively recognizes and reacts to artificial synthetic odors, the scents exposed to the skin must be natural. Tofume is made of natural ingredients, including essential oils, as well as sterilizing and foaming ingredients. Be sure to use natural products to protect yourself from the toilet.

Tofume foams spontaneously in water. Therefore, if you drop the tofume in the stool, the scent will be spread by bubbling. You don’t need to check for the bubbling. Just drop tofume and do you want immediately.

Just drop one or two tofumes before you do in the restroom. If you concern next person, drop one tofume after you do.

If you are not satisfied with a tofume, you can drop two or three tofumes. It will good for you. Tofume is sensitive to humid and temperature, so please keep close the container after using it.

Liquid products use synthetic fragrances usually. In addition, when using natural essential oils, other additives such as surfactants and preservatives are required. Therefore, these raw materials can be exposed to the human body and absorbed through the respiratory system, which can adversely affect the long term. Tofume contains no additives other than natural essential oils. In addition, it is easy to use and carry, so you don’t have to worry about getting it in your hands or using it when using the spray type. We fundamentally solved the shortcomings of the conventional liquid toilet perfum.

Don’t worry about clogging the toilet.
Most of the ingredients are water-soluble. And since the residue is also well spread in the water when foaming, there is no fear of clogging.

Yes ~ If you add more during your doing, it is more effective.
Some people flush water in the middle of the toilet. When you flush the water, the water pressure is so strong that your skin can be infected not only with water but also with various germs. Now don’t flush the water during your doing and add more tofume if needed.

Yes, there is no problem with function.
The tofume is hard enough for daily use. However, it can be broken by strong impacts such as dropping. The performance is not a problem at all, so you can use it.

Precautions Do not use for anything other than toilet perfume use. Please keep it in the sealed state. Keep out of reach of infants, children and pets. Avoid direct sunlight, store at 30 celcius degrees or less. Never eat and consult a doctor if ingested. If the contents come in contact with your skin, wash it with clean water and stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor in case of an allergic reaction. Avoid contact with leather, clothing, and plastics. Provide adequate ventilation when using in closed spaces.
Period of Use 1 year from the date of manufacture
Made in Korea
Tel. +81-31-360-8441, Fax. +81-31-360-8442

In Korea

in Korea

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