[Aromacaron Combo] Portable Natural Diffuser

$13.50 $12.15

Solid Portable Diffuser with Essential Oil

  • Natural Scent from specially blended 100% essential oils by a professional
  • ZERO additives (No alhocol, water, glycol et al.)
  • Clean and safe dry diffusion
  • Controllable scent intensity
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Applicable to most of the portable fan
  • lavenderf37, grapefruitf79, pinef17
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Natural aroma solid diffuser with 100% essential oil for portable fans


Best way to enjoy aromatherapy anywhere indoors and outdoors

Aromacaron turns sweat smell into the natural scent and contains 100% natural essential oil without any modification.

Why Aromacaron Natural Solid Diffuser?

  • Most commercially available products contains synthetic fragrance, diffusion agent, and stabilizer etc.
  • Therefore, fragrance as well as additives can be exposed to human body.
  • Aromacaron contains only 100% natural essential oil without any additives.

Only Aromacaron Can Do It!

EVA:Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, PP:Polypropylene, PE:Polyethylene

Synthetic fragrances do not offer the benefits of aromatherapy.


100% essential oil as it is

Therapeutic 100% natural essential oil
No Additives
Aromatherapeutic Effect


Unique Scents

Well Balanced Blending rmonious by a professional perfumer
Excellent Lasting of original blending
Improved stability of top and middle notes


Solid diffuser

Full of natural scents using dry diffusion
Excellent scent persistence
Safe and clean environment


Easy to Use | Excellent Portability

Just attach on the backside of the fan
Adjustable scent intensity
Applicable to most of the portable fans


How to use


3 Specials for You


Lavender f37

  • Delicate lavender to wash away your hectic day
  • Sweet Vanilla
  • Luxurious Roman Chamomile
  • Woody cedarwood
  • A blend of four essential oils presents the rest of your mind.

Grapefruit f79

  • Sweet grapefruit
  • fresh mint and spearmint
  • fresh grassy petigrain
  • Recharge your mind energy with a balanced blending of 9 essential oils.

Pine f17

  • refreshing pine, spearmint, and peppermint
  • sweet and fresh juniper berry, eucalyptus
  • Woody cedarwood
  • The harmony of 10 essential oils blend gives you a refreshing.

* description of the benefits of essential oils

Easy to Use and Carry


No Harmful Ingredients

No Harsh Ingredients!

No Harmful Ingredients

Not Contained.
1. formaldehyde, 2. methanol, 3. benzene, 4. glyoxal, 5. trichloroethylene
And, Fluorescent Whitening Agent, Pigment, Paraben, Phosphate, Chlorine Bleach, Mineral Oil, Humidifier Disinfectant PHMG, CMIT, MIT


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Since our body instinctively recognizes and reacts to artificial synthetic instincts, the scent that directly touches the skin through the wind must be natural. Unfortunately, most of the commercially available diffuser is made using artificial fragrance with additives. It doesn’t have aromatherapy benefits. Aromacaron is a natural solid portable diffuser containing 100% essential oils.

In delivery, the case is closed. Please turn the aromacaron counterclockwise for intensity control after opening the package. It is convenient to adjust the intensity of the fragrance with the fan on. When you’re not using it, the smell will stop when you close it, so you can enjoy the fragrance longer. Keep it closed when not in use.

The aromacaron can be broken by an impact such as dropping. However, performance is not a problem at all, so you can use it as it is.

Precautions    Do not use for anything other than toilet perfume use. Please keep it in the sealed state. Keep out of reach of infants, children, and pets. Avoid direct sunlight, store at 30 Celcius degrees or less. Never eat and consult a doctor if ingested. If the contents come in contact with your skin, wash it with clean water and stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor in case of an allergic reaction. Avoid contact with leather, clothing, and plastics. Provide adequate ventilation when using in closed spaces.
Period of Use    1 year from the date of manufacture
Made in Korea
Tel. +81-31-360-8441, Fax. +81-31-360-8442
E-mail. support@masscon.co.kr

In Korea

in Korea

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