[Car Deodorizer+Diffuser] Aromcaron:Car-DUAL CARE


Aromacaron:Car-DUAL is the best solution for car deodorization and natural aroma. Simply use the natural deodorant for 20 minutes to get rid of bad smells first, then complete the scent care with natural solid diffuser.
  • DUAL CARE(OUTCARE+INCARE): Natural Car Scent Care Solution
  • ZERO additives, Only 100% essential oils
  • OUTCARE: Natural car deodorizer, easy to use
  • INCARE: Natural car solid diffuser
  • Provide a clean and safe environment in use without leakage and fragility
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Perfect Vehicle Scent Care Solution!

Aromacaron:Car DUAL CARE


Always Natural Scent in the Car!


Eliminate All the Bad Odors

  • Blending of essential oils known to have benefits of deodorization and antibacterial
  • Treatment with considering the vehicle airflow
  • Simple way to use - just place on the outside air intake
  • Clean and convenient to use due to solid type
  • 12 times uses


Premium Natural Scent

aromacaron car incare essential oil natural car diffuser
  • Natural scent from harmonious blending of essential oils
  • ZERO Additives
  • No worried about leakage and fragility
  • High temperature durability(~150 Celsius degree)
  • Economical use with refills

OUTCARE is once or twice a month, while INCARE is always used to maintain the best scent environment.
If your vehicle smells bad, use OUTCARE more often.
For medium and large vehicles, you can enjoy a richer natural aroma by using 2 sets of INCARE.

Natural Car Deodorizer

Aromacaron:Car OUTCARE




The Bad Odors in the Cars

Where Do These Come From?

air conditioner
heater vent

seats and floor
inside car

air conditioner filter

all kinds of food


  • Don't cover the bad odors with car air freshener
  • Very limited effects of spray-type deodorizers!
  • Evaporator cleaning is expensive and inconvenient!
  • Most of the commercially available deodorizers containsynthetic ingredients!

The bad odors are coming from very complex reasons.

Ease-to-Use and Powerful Remove!

Aromacaron: Car OUTCARE is an excellent way
to care for the smell of every corner of a car as airflow passes by.


Perfect Solution for Bad Odors!



No Harmful and Unfavorable Ingredients

100% Natural Essential Oils

Careful blending of 100% essential oils

known to have deodorant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits

*description of essential oil benefits

Deodorizing Effect Proved!

airflow for all vehicles



Amazing Change

in 20 min.!


Place OUTCARE each pack on the left and right at the air intake outside the windshield

  • Stay out of the car and keep the windows open.
  • Do not drive the vehicle with the OUTCARE mounted.
  • Use whenever you need(available 12 times)
  • Once or Twice a month may be suitable to care your car odor.
  • Use whenever you need.
  • Especially effective when you start using air conditioner and heaters.
  • OUTCARE cares the odor inside the car even when there are no bad smells.
  • It has the similar effect until 12 times use
  • Place in a container after use and keep the lid tightly closed in a cool place.

Premium Natural Scent in Your Car

Aromacaron:Car INCARE



Without Any Additives

Only Essential Oil

It's Solid!(Not Liquid Base-Water, Alcohol, and Glycol)

No Harmful Ingredients Included!

Potential cause
artificial synthetic additives are exposed to air with fragrance for a long time can cause headaches.

Only Essential Oils, No Harmful Additives

EVA:Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, PP:Polypropylene, PE:Polyethylene



Natural Essential Oil offers

Driving Stress OUT!

Blending of Only Natural Essential Oil
Designed and Blended Carefully by a Professional.
It's Natural, Pure, and Luxurious.

Lavender 37

for your hectic day

Harmony with lavender oil effective for mental and physical relaxation, sweet vanilla, and luxurious roman chamomile offers elegant balanced scent.

Top Lavender
Middle Lavender, Roman Chamomile
Base Vanilla, Cedarwood


Grapefruit 79

sweet coziness

Recharge your mind energy with a balanced blending of grapefruit, petitgrain, and other seven essential oils. It offers sweet and sour yummy scent.

Top Grapefruit, Petitgrain, Spearmint, Maychang
Middle Palmarosa, Rosewood
Base Vanilla, Cedarwood, Frankincense

Pine 17

shower in a pine groove

Juniperberry, pine, cedarwood, and other seven essential oils present excellence for mental cleansing and recreation. It makes you in the forest.
Essentials for travel !

Top Spearmint, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange
Middle Juniperberry, Palmarosa, Pine, Rosemary
Base Cedarwood


Geranium 77

exotic stimulation

Geranium oil to calm the uneasy mind and promote creativity with rosewood oil restores self-confidence by embracing sweetly with exotic romantics.

Top Lemon, Staranise
Middle Geranium, Rosewood, Juniperberry
Base Vanilla, Cedarwood

Lemon Eucalyptus 100

hakuna matata !

The freshness of the lemon oil is loaded with a sense of the quality of the herb, which is a magical spell-like scent that helps restore complex mind and sagging emotions.

Top Lemoneucalyptus, Petitgrain, Spearmint, Maychang
Middle Palmarosa, Rosewood
Base Vanilla, Cedarwood, Frankincense




With Car Interior

Harmonious Design






Easy to Use
Adjustable Scent Intensity



Smooth Surface Gloss
With Angle

  • 3 colors
    midnight gray
    powder pink
    masscon silver
  • 5 scents
    lemon eucalyptus

Easy to Use



Please attach a double-sided tape and magnet to the back of the case.



Attach the vent clip to the car vent.



Rotate the case to adjust the desired scent intensity.



Attach the aromacaron:car to the car vent.

  • For richer natural scent, please direct the blower wind towards the driver.
  • The scent lasts about 4 weeks and may vary depending on usage.
  • Two are recommended for medium to large sedans or SUVs.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Since our body instinctively recognizes and reacts to artificial synthetic odors, the scents exposed to the skin must be natural. Moreover, artificial synthetic fragrances offer just fragrances without the aromatherapy benefits, which is the most important function of the scent. Only natural essential oils are known to have aromatherapy benefits.
Aromacaron blending natural essential oils by a professional. and does not contain any additives. It also has heat resistance up to 150 Celcius degrees and keeps your car clean even in hot summer.

Odors from cars come from a variety of causes, including bacteria and fungi in the air supply to the heater and air conditioner, smoking, food, and pets. Most car deodorants on the market use artificial synthetic ingredients.
Aromacaron: Car OUTCARE takes care of the inside and outside of the car totally by considering the airflow. Furthermore, it is a natural car deodorizer with a special blend of natural essential oils that are known to have deodorant, antibacterial and antifungal benefits.

You can’t cover bad smells with air fresheners installed inside your car. Sometimes the two odors mix and make it worse. If you care about bad odors inside the car with OUTCARE and install INCARE(Natural Diffuser), you can experience the effect of natural scent richer. Highly recommended!

OUTCARE is most effective if you use it every time you need it. It is recommended to use once or twice a month and can be used 12 times. After use, keep it tightly closed and place in the car. Use it whenever necessary.

Aromacaron:car OUTCARE is ultra-easy to use to everyone, unlike conventional car deodorizer. All you have to do is place the OUTCARE on the vehicle’s external air intake and set the vehicle panel. Please collect after use. Never drive with OUTCARE placed on the outside of the car.

Yes, there is no problem with function.
It is made of solid but can be broken by impacts such as drops. However, performance is not a problem at all, so you can use it as it is.

Precautions Do not use for anything other than toilet perfume use. Please keep it in the sealed state. Keep out of reach of infants, children, and pets. Avoid direct sunlight, store at 30 Celcius degrees or less. Never eat and consult a doctor if ingested. If the contents come in contact with your skin, wash it with clean water and stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor in case of an allergic reaction. Avoid contact with leather, clothing, and plastics. Provide adequate ventilation when using in closed spaces.
Period of Use 1 year from the date of manufacture
Made in Korea
Tel. +81-31-360-8441, Fax. +81-31-360-8442
E-mail. support@masscon.co.kr

In Korea

in Korea

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