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The less isthe more.

  • the less water contains
  • the less preservatives
  • the less (synthetic) additives
  • the less use of plastics
  • the more active ingredients
  • the more effective
  • the more convenient
  • the more eco-friendly


Product in the solid form is less harmful, more effective, more eco-friendly, and even more convenient !
If the solid is such an awesome, why don't we find various daily life products in the market?

Find the way

What makes it so difficult?
Through so many ideas and experiments, we concluded that it is hard to use the existing conventional method. Because the amount of natural active ingredients in the liquid form cannot be carried as much as desired without its modification. As a result, current solid products are less effective and less comfortable in use than expected.

New Lifestyle

We found the way to get it after myriad seeking. It's 'SOLIDIFYING PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY'.
The platform solution for carrying high content of natural active liquid ingredients as it is without any modifications will offer convenience as solid and high efficacy as liquid. It is a revolutionary technology that perfectly implements the powerful effect of the liquid ingredients in a convenient solid. We will continue our efforts to develop technology and products those are more transparent, more efficacious, and easier to use. We hope that everyone's daily life will be improved through the solid products we have served.

Innovative solution for solid products with liquid efficacy

Solidifying Platform Technology


High content natural oil( ~300%)
Preserve efficacy from nature
No (synthetic) additives


Carry both hydro/lipo-philic liquid
Water/oil soluble ingredients Various formulations


Control the release preference of hydro/ lipo-philicity
Multi-channel release control

Various Product Applications

Efficacy from nature

Benefits of Nature

In order to commercialize natural liquid ingredients which are best in terms of efficacy and absorption, a modification of the material is required.
Products completed with ‘Solidifying Platform Techonology’ have been developed with innovative, high-content liquid ingredients that allow natural liquid materials to be used without any modification.

No harmful additives

Solid : Waterless

Natural solid products created with ‘Solidifying Platform Technology’ do not require any potentially harmful preservatives, surfactants, alcohol as well as water. Therefore, it helps to a healthier daily life.
Since the solid products that carry the efficacy of liquid, you can experience the benefits of nature itself without potentially harmful additives.

Convenient to use anywhere


Portability and ease of use are essential for outdoor activities such as travel, sports, and mountain climbing et al.. 
‘Solidifying Platform Technology’ enables the implementation of natural solid products optimized for these outdoor activities.
Natural solid products will help you enjoy your outdoor activities.

Solidification solutions make your everyday life healthier.

No more use diffusers with (synthetic) additives

Natural Solid Diffuser

Do you often use a diffuser to create a room that smells good? Most diffusers use artificial fragrances and additives and they do not have any aromatherapy function at all. It’s hard to find a diffuser using natural essential oils. MASSCON Co., Ltd. manufactures solid natural diffuser for dry diffusion by solidifying high amounts of natural essential oils. Natural solid toilet perfume:tofume, natural essential oil solid fan diffuser:aromacaron, natural essential oil car diffuser:aromacaron:car were presented.  Now you can easily and conveniently enjoy natural aroma not only for indoor but also for outdoor activities.

Enjoy benefits of nature !

Natural high-efficacy beauty care products (coming)

Solid : Waterless Beauty Care Products

‘Solid : waterless’ technology enables to manufacture of products without preservatives and surfactants.
Since conventional solid cosmetics technology could not carry the active ingredients properly, only very limited items – soap, balm, and color cosmetics – were available.
MASSCON Co., Ltd. can basically make various beauty care products because any kind of natural active ingredients in liquid state with high content can be solidified. “Convenient as solid, effective as liquid !” Now your skin will be healthier than ever before.

Please take care to be healthier with the natural high-efficacy products.

Make companion animals safer than you can. (coming)

Companion Animal Care Products

Do you live with your pet?
They are like babies. They can not easily tell you what is harmful to them.
The skin of a companion animal is as sensitive as a baby.
They have very weak in immunity. Please be very careful when using everyday products for them. In particular, the products containing synthetic fragrances and additives should never be used.
With ‘Solidification Technology’, your companions will be healthier than ever before.

Keep sensitive and weak companion animals healthy.

No More Synthetic Repellents! (coming)

Solid Bugs/Wild Animal Repellents

Do you like outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, camping or fishing?
If so, you must bring sunscreen and insect repellent with you. When the temperature rises, it is necessary indoors.
So far, most insect repellents are DEET based products. Natural remedies are inconvenient to use due to short usage times et al..
Using our high-volume natural oil containing technology, natural insect repellent with the excellent long-lasting effect is possible.

Please use it safely and conveniently with natural ingredients.

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