"Effective as Liquid Convenient as Solid"

Using patented “Solidifying Platform Technology”, we develop everyday products that can be used safely and conveniently by completely solidifying liquid ingredients without any modification in terms of efficacy.
We create a healthy and convenient lifestyle through solid daily life products without any additives.




The daily products we have ever used...

The daily necessities we have ever used contain many harmful or unfavorable ingredients. In fact, beneficial materials are low and unfavorable ones such as water, alcohol, synthetic surfactants, preservatives, synthetic emulsifiers, synthetic fragrances, synthetic pigments are high. Moreover, these ingredients are potentially harmful to the human body.


Most of them (60 ~ 80%) are made up of water, alcohol and oil. These raw materials have no function.


Everyday products require surfactants, which is crucial to mix water and oil, and preservatives. Some products contain artificial flavors, thickeners, emulsifiers, and artificial colorants.

Active Ingredients

Active ingredients that actually function usually consist of less than 10% and 20~30 kinds. Therefore, the composition ratio of each component is less than 1%.




It's time to change...

Limitations of Solid Products Until Now

Until now, using solid product technology, it could not contain a high content of effective liquid components. In addition, the technology to contain hydrophilic or lipophilic ingredients as desired was even more difficult. For this reason, it was not possible to extend solid products throughout our daily lives.

Solidifying High Content Active Liquid Ingredients

MASSCON Co., Ltd. has developed a solidifying platform technology that can contain a high content of effective liquid components by using a carrier having nano-sized pores without any modifications. By using this, products containing high content of active ingredients are possible without any additives.

Solidifying Platform Technology

Natural Benefits As It Is

In order to commercialize natural liquid ingredients, which are the best in terms of efficacy and absorption, modification of materials is required. Products made using “Solidifying Platform Technology” have the same benefits as natural benefits without any modifications and additives.


Solid-type products of On Your Life® do not use water or alcohol as base materials, so they do not use additives that can be harmful or unfavorable to the human body. We contribute to the lack of water on the planet and respond more actively to the environment.

Easy to Use and Carry

Until now, everyday products (aromatherapy, fragrances, deodorants, cosmetics) were composed of liquids, so they could not actively respond to mobile life. On Your Life® products can be digitalized to make everyday life healthier and more convenient. Daily life can be inspired by On Your Life®.

On Your Life’s innovative technology can be applied to a wide range of products throughout your daily life.
Welcome companions to create a new lifestyle together.

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Bring the Benefits of Nature to Mobile Life

Solid Diffuser|Deodorant

Natural solid diffuser and solid deodorant products with only 100% essential oils are available. By using the dry diffusion method, it is possible to provide an easy-to-use and clean environment, providing the best aromatherapy solution for the mobile lifestyle. Until now, most products use artificial synthetic ingredients with liquid form, so natural products are more demanding.

Natural Solid Beauty Care

"Solidifying technology with high content of active liquid ingredients" enables a variety of beauty care products without additives such as surfactants and preservatives. Existing solid cosmetics do not contain active ingredients properly, so only limited products such as soap and balm were available. The beauty care product industry, which has the most impact on the controversy of harmful substances, will now lead solid beauty care products that maximize efficacy and have no harmful controversy.

Natural Repellents

Natural repellent products against mosquitoes, insects, and wild animals are the most urgent field of commercialization. This is because most products use artificial synthetic raw materials (DEET, diethyltoluamide, etc.). Natural ingredients that were difficult to commercialize due to their short lasting limits. The technology enables a variety of natural repellent products that can be used for long and lasting comfort.

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