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On Your Life

On Your Life serves natural daily product

Natural solid toilet perfume

Fill your bathroom with 100% natural scent and get rid of all the stinks magically.

Natural solid diffuser

On your life with 100% natural scent

Natural solid car diffuser

100% natural scent for your car

Daily products for everyday life,

(Synthetic) additives in liquid products are likely to be exposed to the human body.

Artificial flavors, fragrance-diffusing agents, stabilizers, artificial colors

Conventional liquid products mostly use artificial flavors, fragrance-diffusing agent such as alcohol, stabilizers and artificial colors.

Exposure to the human body with fragrance Ingredients and (synthetic) additives

Fragrance-diffusing agent and (synthetic) additives may be exposed to the air together with the fragrance in the liquid products. Those can be absorbed by the human body.

Why is it so difficult to obtain additive-free products?

1. Additives are essential when using artificial flavors.

Artificial Flavors + Fragrance Diffusing Agent + Stabilizers + Other Additives

. Artificial Flavor: Fragrance
. Fragrance-diffusing agent (alcohol): Rich fragrance
. Stabilizer: Extended use time

2.100% natural essential oil diffuser is very difficult to make.

Even natural essential oils, liquid products require additives such as fragrance-diffusing agents and stabilizers.

. Scents are changing for blended natural essential oils by the natural aging phenomenon. (Aging phenomenon)
. In conventional technology, additives are also required for natural essential oil products.
. There was no technology capable of carrying enough quantity to make a solid product.
.As a result, the products were released with a small amount of natural essential oils in synthetic ingredients.
. However, these products are fundamentally different from synthetic liquid products.

Only On Your Life Can do it !

An innovative solution that can contain high levels of natural liquid ingredients!

  • The rich aroma can be realized with a high content of natural liquid ingredients in nano-pores without any modifications
  • Natural solid products with unprecedented potency and maximum ease of use and portability.

Three Special Features by only On Your Life

only 100% natural essential oils

Experience the natural aroma by 100% essential oil only

No synthetic additives

No (synthetic) additives such as alcohol, fragrance diffusing agents, stabilizers, and artificial fragrances, etc.

Easy to use and easy portability

Solid products make it easy to use and carry for indoor and outdoor activities.

Transparent products that care for your everyday life.

World's First Natural Solid Toilet Perfume | Bathroom Air Freshener

Eliminate all the stinky smells in the bathroom magically.

  • 100% natural essential oil
  • Instant aroma diffusion with a combination of bubbling and natural scents
  • Freshen up and remove all bad stinky odors
  • 99.9% sterilization function
  • Easy to use and convenient portability

World's First Natural Essential Oil Solid Fan Diffuser

The only natural solid diffuser without any additives

  • 100% natural essential oil
  • Enhance aroma balance by special perfumery
  • Safe dry diffusion by solid
  • Adjustable aroma strength
  • Convenient to use, easy to carry
  • Applicable to most portable fans

Natural Essential Oil Solid Car Diffuser

aromacaron car 100% essential oil solid car diffuser

Natural Scent in your car from aromacaron:car

  • 100% natural essential oil
  • Balanced premium natural scent by a specialist
  • Convenient and clean environment
  • lavender 37, grapefruit 79, lemon eucalyptus 100, pine 17, geranium 77

Special Offer for Beginners

tofume 100% essential oil natural solid toilet perfume bathroom air freshener

Tofume Combo

Eliminates all the stinks in the bathroom magically!
Natural Solid Toilet Perfume | Air Freshener
Lavender + Lemon Eucalyptus + Pine + Rosemary

Aromacaron Combo

Turn the smell of sweat to natural aroma!
100% Essential Oil Natural Solid Fan Diffuser
Lavender f37 + Grapefruit f79 + Pine f17
aromacaron car diffuser 100% essential oil natural solid car air freshener pink lavender

Aromacon: Car

Dual Care to Remove Bad Odors and Sterilization!
100% Essential Oil Natural Solid Car Diffuser
Dual (In&Out) Care