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Everyday life, we have been exposed to numerous synthetic materials for a long time. On Your Life® has developed various products that are easy to use and carry, with innovative technologies that can contain high amounts of natural ingredients, with the benefits of nature without synthetic additives.

Only Essential Oil

You can experience natural scents and benefits because it contains only 100% essential oil.

ZERO Additives

Any additives such as fragrance diffusion agents and stabilizers were not contained.

Easy to Use

The natural solid products are convenient for daily life as well as outdoor activities.

Transparent Products that Care for Your Everyday Life

Natural Scent from 100% Natural Essential Oil
Eliminate All the Stinks in the toilet
Easy to Use and Carry for Indoor and Outdoor Activities

It's Solid

It is a solid form containing 100% natural essential oils and provides a clean and safe environment in use.

Green Grade

Green grade ingredients (EWG) were used without any harmful and unfavorable additives.

Powerful Bubbling

A rich scent, elimination of the stinks, and sterilization due to powerful bubbling

Easy to Use

Just drop one or two tofumes before you do in the toilet. That’s it!



Car Scent Care Never Before

An Innovative Way to Manage Your Car Scent!
Perfect Elimination of the Bad Smells in your car
DUAL CARE : OUTCARE(Natural Deodorizer) + INCARE(Natural Diffuser)

Essential Oil

World-first natural solid car deodorizer and diffuser containing 100% natural essential oils

Solid Air Freshener

Solid dry diffusion offers a clean and safe environment without leakage and fragility in use.

Odor Elimination

OUTCARE eliminates bad odors in the car due to essential oils with the benefits of deodorization.

Premium Scent

INCARE provides premium natural scents from specially blended essential oils by a professional.

Natural Scent from 100% Essential Oil
Experience the Aroma In- and Outdoor Activities
Convenient to Use and Carry

Essential Oil

Special blendings of essential oils

Unique Scent

Premium scent due to excellent persistence of initial scent

Solid Diffuser

Dry diffusion provides a safe and clean environment in use.

Easy to Carry

Just attach to the fan~ You can enjoy anywhere!

Have You Ever Experienced a Natural Scent?

Most daily products, such as commercially available home diffusers, automotive air fresheners, and deodorants, use artificial fragrances and additives. In fact, if you don’t go to a professional aromatherapy shop, there are very few opportunities for us to experience natural aromas. This is because it is almost impossible to make commercially available products with only natural essential oils.
On Your Life® has developed various natural solid diffusers containing 100% natural essential oil without any other additives. You can experience the benefits of nature as it is more safely and conveniently in everyday life.


Highly Recommended!

I've been really embarrassed about going toilet at the workplace. Now I can go comfortably to the restroom with tofume. It eliminates mine and left the natural scent in the toilet. The spray products that I used before has so strong fragrance and stayed with me. Now I use tofume every day. It becomes my must-have item.

tofume30 natural solid toilet perfume batroom air freshener

Finally, Solved the Bad Odors!

My car is old and has fabric seats. My mother often placed food and smelled it in my car. I have tried several car deodorants but failed eventually. OUTCARE helps to get rid of all bad smells in the car. It's absolutely great!

정O영님 (42세 회사원)

Happy with natural scents~

The scent is so gooood. When I attached aromacaron to my portable fan, it smells right away. I always carry the aromacaron with me especially for outdoor activities. When the fan placed in my room, the sweet citrus scent spread all over in my room. It's great!

aromacaron essential oil natural portable fan diffuser

We Suggest Experience of Natural Scent Products to Turn On Your Daily Life.

Feel uncomfortable in the toilet?

Just drop a tofume before you do in the toilet, it will eliminate all the stinks and spread the natural scent.

[tofume] Natural Toilet Perfume
Eliminate All the Stinks in the restroom

Give up odors in your car?

Aromacaron:Car OUTCARE is the perfect way to get rid of bad smells in your car.

[CAR OUTCARE] Natural Car Deodorizer
Get rid of the Bad Smell in the Car

Worried about a driving date?

Remove the bad smell first with OUTCARE, and natural Scent with INCARE. DUAL CARE is the perfect solution.

[DUAL CARE] Natural Car Deodorizer + Diffuser
Excellent Car Scent Care

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